Organic business is about practicing and cultivating coming from soul and being, so that your people can find you by energy and NOT TRIGGERY such as al sorts of buying triggers, manipulating,
energetically, practically and digitally.


It is not about triggering the ego of people into buying from fear, lack or FOMO

fear of missing out.

That is not an energetically sound and healthy ground to come from and way of attracting people, because it brings out negative feedback from the universe, AND sometime attracts people that is not your people and therefore not a match to.
Which in fact is so off for the both of you.

That is where al sorts of misalignment starts
... and suffering.



Organic Business is not about flow as we know it, and it’s not a floaty way of doing business.
It can be (very) structured and involve a lot of planning, or not.

Or it can be exactly the way you want it. What is important though, is that you take action on your intuition and pull.
Feeling into the energy.


Business is often a balance of both flow, structure, planning and intuition.
It’s seldom an either or.

It depends on the level of resistance you have on either structure or no structure.

And sometimes you are maybe a little too unconscious of what you do or not do in your business.

I have 20 years of experience with entrepreneurship.

Tried so many stiles and approaches.

And it all comes down to you, and your inner way of working and showing up with that which you love to do.

Being conscious is a major key


...  and could be described like this:



- versus quick fixes and not aligning with the environment ( practically and energetically)


- versus excessive living and spending


- toward you, life and earth ( practically and energetically ) versus pushing with your sales and other marketing strategies, only when it occasionally is FEELING as the right way.


- versus complicating it through al sorts of marketing strategies and ad on's


FEEDBACK ( karma )
- versus clawing your eyes to your actions ( consequences )
- you get back what you send out


Not a way of being famous or earning tons of money ( without soul-goal )

- versus splitting your business form your being and all of your life


- versus analysis, knowledge and marketing strategies


- Versus the way of the smartest, fittest, loudest and most strong willed.
- It’s about your energy NOT your marketing strategy or the energy you put behind your marking strategy

- versus egotistical desires and wants, not seeing big picture and your role in it

-versus analyzing, and aggressively triggering customer into your business

- versus unhealthy and unwise use of law of attraction ( which only brings karma which Leeds to suffering )



AND ...da daaaaaaaaa


 Organic business is not about the law of attraction per say.


There is another way than pumping the universe - using the law of attraction - to get what you want, need and desire.
And that is SELF realization.

Realizing that you are ALREADY WHOLE.

All that you want, need and desire is WITHIN you.


YOU are the source, God, sage, wholeness etc that you have been looking for.... and from there it is more safe using magic !

Less karma, less negative feedback etc.

The invite is clear !

That is energetic sustainable

It’s self love in its deepest expression because we are all interrelated.

Giving birth to Business

To create a business, a project, a course or the like, can be similar to giving birth
And being in labor for some time.

You are caring the idea of something you want to manifest.Sometime you are an elephant caring it for 11 months ... or more !!!
Or like a cat carrying kittens for around 2 month.
Or days like a spider 2 to 3 weeks.
It varies .... but pregnant you are, and oh my, labour you feel, the closer you get to birthing.

Mixed feelings
... alternately dreading what is going to happen and fuelled with joy and happiness
Roller coaster

What’s going on

  • You fear the future challenges
  • “Am I be enough”
  • “Will I be loved”
  • “Can I give love”
  • “Can I rise to the occasion”
  • “Can I take care of anybody but myself”
  • “Can I learn anyone anything.. at all?”
  • “How am I to think that I can give anyone anything”
  • “Can I stop”
  • “I have regretted it”

It’s happening... back and forth

Then the idea finally births itself or you give birth to it ( it varies too how that is happening )

And you love it ....
You go into postpartum depression ...
You just get on with it ... step by step
It dies
You miscarriage

Is so fragile
Just a little tiny spire

You have to tend to it
Be there every day
Tend to it every hour
Water if
Feed it
... nourish it depending on what it is.
Letting it grow on it’s own terms and yes holding space being a model.

It’s life at its best a worst, right ?

In “Organic Business” you can use the phases of giving birth and tending to a child with building a business, manifesting a course or the like.
AND you will slowly but firmly find your way and personal style of DELIVERING your business, products and ideas.

Be patient
Don’t push yourself ALL through the pregnancy BUT LEARN WHEN AND HOW when it is necessary ( because sometimes it IS )
And do it in the style that matches YOU.

It’s organic and yet so darn precise and accurate... it’s almost a mystery

You can use this analogy and take it deeper and deeper to really understand this wonderful and painful process that. Business is.
We are nothing but plants

Oh I could go on and on and on about it ... I love it so much.


Go inwards to feel your business strategies.


Stop following forces of marked and artificial strategies you are pushed or pulled to buy.


Make busines a path of homecoming.


A path of personal and spiritual growth, and care for the Earth

In organic Business you do not HAVE TO have:

  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Sales pages
  • Groups
  • Insta
  • Facebook
  • Funnels
  • Adds
  • Pages
  • Freebies
  • Sales as we know them and fear
  • Etc
  • Etc
  • Etc

“Not one size fits all”

What works for the one you admire in business and entrepreneurship may not work for you.

Doing business organically is a way of finding your unique stile, approach and dna ( so to speak ) to do business and be comfortable, safe and engaged about it.

( and love it )


You do not have to face all your fears full on to have succes - you can even do business while still working on some pretty heavy traumas.

And doing business organically can actually heal your deeper wounds slowly and lovingly.

On the other hand you can use business to face your deepe fear as showing up and being visible.

You decide.

You can feel what is right for you.

There is nothing that you HAVE TO do.

There is just something that is your next step and the next ... and the next step.


Following the energy, your intuition and being true and ethical about your business IS the way to show up.

And that approach varies from women to women.


And no, organic is NOT a “lose, random a floaty” way of doing businesses.

It’s not ungrounded - on the contrary

Let me show you.


I have been an awake entrepreneur for 20 years and tried A LOT

I’m not interested in forcing you into a particular mindset, box or way of doing business.

I want to cooperate with you in finding the right path for you in doing business and entrepreneurship.

I inspire, cultivate and support you in finding your own ways.

YOUR path.

Im a bizz-midwife !

And oh my I looove doing that.

The Modules

1. module

Intro to the course 
• What is my next step?
• Why am I here?

Free for you to listen to now, so that you can feel into if this is for you:

2. Module: Organic
• Calling out your inner being
Cell meditations:
• You, the core and nuclear of your Business
• Your inner environment
• Your outer environment

3. Module: Intuition
• Connecting to the womb
• Dance exercise
• This space is for you

4. Module: Energy
• Connecting with your costumers
• Feel your business
• Find your energy source

5. Module: Ethics
• Opening the gates to your tribe
• Settle into your sacred space

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  • There are 5 modules which come 1 at a time with 1 week intervals
  • Remember to download the course immediately, as I don't know how long it will be in simplero
  • The course is a self-study, i.e. no sparring along the way, but for those who buy my products, I open additional sessions
  • Write to me if you have any doubts or if you need a match chat. You can write on messenger or in the contact form on the front page
  • The course is a mixture of presentations, tools, experiences, exercises and meditations



Yes, that sounds exciting, I want that