Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Products and services offered by:

LindaSkougaard.com or LindaSkougaard.dk Neesvej 41, Nees 7570 Vemb CVR ​​No. 26967295

Contact us at info@lindaskougaard.com.

The products are delivered digitally via e-mail, as physical courses or events, or by post or Freight.


Products can be purchased with Dankort, VISA-Dankort, other VISA cards, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club and Discover via Nets and Stripe.


All prices are in euros, dollars or danish kroner incl. VAT. It is up to you wich of thise 3 currencies you want to pay in.

All prices are incl VAT unless otherwise stated.


Subscription prices are deducted automatically. You will receive an email 5 days before, where you can cancel your subscription. 


You will receive an email confirming your subscription after signing up.


You can terminate your subscription at any time. Except are the subscriptions that come with a compulsory period. Here you can only cancel the subscription when the time period expires.


Delivery usually takes place within a few minutes, but in very special cases, it can take up to 5 business days.


For digital products such as downloads of ebooks, subscriptions, audio and video files, educations and sessions, there is no right for cancellation after you use the link that gives access to the product.


For all programs, lectures and courses, the following applies:

No right of cancellation. 

That is, if you have paid in cash, you will not be refunded if you regret.

If you pay per instalment, you must still pay the full amount, even if you regret.

If you do not pay an instalment you will be excluded from the teaching until it is paid.


All rights to the educations, courses, workshops, events and digital products belong to the LindaSkougaard.com. Upon purchase, the license is exclusively granted to use for the purchased product as indicated under the concerned product.

E-books, written downloads, video and audio files may not be published or shared in any way.


Regarding the EU General Data Protection Regulation:

We store data at Simplero:

Simplero is the place you meet us when you trade with us.

Here are data about your purchase, name, email, country, simplero id (we cannot see your password) and your ip-address (your computers virtual address).

Simplero states that they already meet most of the requirements and work to fulfill all of them soon. According to the law, we as a company must make an agreement with them on how they process your data - and you can download and read the agreement by clicking here

We also need to inform who Simplero shares your data with. You can read it here

A new setting at Simplero you will meet next time you shop with us is a new check box where you will have to tick that you agree that your purchase with us entails personal data storage.

One of the things that Simplero is working on is the 'right to be forgotten' as it is stated in the law. It gives you the right to delete your personal data everywhere - and Simplero is working on a solution that allows you to enter and delete your profile at Simplero. A 'delete all botton'. This feature does not exist now. So if you want that, we ask you to have a little patience.

Billing data cannot be deleted because we according to law are obligated to store them.

You can already now view and changes your profile on Simplero by clicking the link and logging in with your Simplero ID and password. 

Click here to see or edit your account.

Love to do business with you,

Linda Skougaard